Our toddler curriculum at Countryside Child Care Center has been specifically designed to prepare all our children for their futures starting from a very young age all the way through their lives. Our highly qualified teachers at Countryside Child Care Center make a life-long commitment of teaching and learning from each other as well as our children. We emphasize our program by using the children’s background knowledge and building their thinking skills to obtain their highest learning potential.

Being that every child has their own individual learning style, we have incorporated many ways to teach our curriculum, whether it be through group play or one on one interactions. We use visual and oral communication as well as dictation as the children develop listening and speaking skills.

During our group time, children gain confidence in calendar, weather, colors, shapes, ABC’s, 123’s, singing songs, listening to and sharing stories as they begin to take leadership roles. During project time, children engage in cutting, painting, drawing and gluing which all improve their fine motor skills. Monitored play and role playing is very important for this age group as the children learn through each other and their teachers.

We promote sharing and taking turns with our peers; using our manners; and gaining some independence using our self- help skills throughout our daily routine. We achieve these goals in many ways, whether it is working together in groups to solve problems or working/playing independently by using our cognitive and social skills.

During free choice, children are offered a variety of items that incorporate the core areas of learning, such as math, science/engineering/technology, history/social science, health, language and literacy, dramatic play, music and movement, and fine and gross motor skills.

Countryside Child Care Center is designed to create a learning environment that is safe, nurturing, educational and most of all fun for all the children that spend their days with us.