Our preschool curriculum at Countryside Child Care Center has been specifically designed to prepare all of our children for their futures starting from preschool all the way through their lives. Our highly qualified teachers at Countryside Child Care Center make a life-long commitment of teaching and learning from each other as well as our children. We implement our curriculum focusing closely on every child’s unique learning styles and abilities.

In the preschool classroom, we use a hands on and visual approach when teaching our curriculum. The areas we base our curriculum on are: math, science/technology/engineering, language and literacy, music and movement, history/social science, health and dramatic play. During circle time each day the children will engage in singing songs, counting, letters, numbers and mastering the days of the week and months of the year. In addition to group learning, the children thrive on their one on one interactions with their educators.

At Countryside Child Care Center we promote sharing, taking turns and using manners. The children use these skills during their structured free play while playing in small and large groups. The preschoolers use their imaginations in dramatic play, and practice their gross motor skills during music and movement. Our writing center allows the children to master their fine motor skills through drawing, writing and practicing cutting.

Countryside Child Care Center is designed to create a learning environment that is safe, nurturing, and most of all fun for the children that spend their days with us.