“My daughters been going to countryside since she was 8 months old! She is now almost two and half! She has been through all the rooms! (Infant, infant/toddler, and toddler/preschool) I live in Fall River, and the daycare is in Marion and I travel here because I love the staff and couldn’t bear the thought of putting her in another center! The staff have always been so friendly and nice, and they take care of my baby like she is their own! I highly recommend Countryside Child Care they are there for the well-being of each and every child.”

Samantha Starry

Being a part of the team here at countryside, I can really see the dedication the workers have towards the children. Each one of the workers treat the children as if they are their own. I would recommend this daycare to anyone who is looking for a safe and quality center for their child!

Nicole Aguiar

My son has been attending the Marion facility since he was 2 1/2(he’s now 5). The teachers are great and very caring. My child is challenging to deal with at times and they handle him very well! The hours are great! I would highly recommend Countryside childcare!

Jamie Correia

Both my children attend Countryside; my son has been going there for over 3 years and my daughter for over year. The staff is wonderful and so caring. My kids are excited to go to school and learn. They love all their teachers. We couldn’t imagine our kids going anywhere else!

Laura Lambert

Leaving your children in the care of others can be very difficult and nerve wracking, however I have felt assured and confident with the level of care and dedication at Countryside Childcare since we enrolled our oldest here in October 2016. The staff provides a structured routine where the children are able to comfortably learn and play, while also catering to each kid’s individual needs. I highly recommend Countryside Childcare to anyone looking for quality childcare.

Devyn Giumarra

“We have been with Countryside since 2015 and are so glad that we chose them as our childcare provider.   They provide great structure for our kids to learn but they also know our kids so well and are able to tailor the experience to each of their specific needs.  I always wanted to be a working mom but it is still hard to leave your kids with someone else each day – Countryside makes it easier and we love the experience our kids have there.”

Rachel Batchelder

I think every parent knows leaving a child in the care of someone else while at work is a difficult decision. But from the very first day at Countryside, Bonnie and her team made me feel that my children were not only safe, but also lovingly cared for. They have always been happy to discuss what my children have done throughout the day and to answer any questions I have regarding their development or other milestones. 

Countryside has taught my children academic lessons, art and music, but also to be kind and compassionate to others. It’s important to me that the values I work so hard to teach my children are reiterated by the people who care for them.

I love Countryside and would recommend them whole-heartily. When my children have graduated and moved on I will send Christmas cards and updates to Bonnie and the team because I know they will want to hear all about the children they taught, cared for and loved.  

Jen Jones