Marion Pre-K Curriculum

Our Pre-k curriculum is a unique feature of our program at Countryside Child Care Center. The Pre-k group is a separate classroom for children in their year before Kindergarten, dedicated to providing them with the tools they need to prepare them for their upcoming years in elementary school. We strive to emphasize the importance of individual learning and strengthening writing, reading and cognitive skills.

One of our main focuses in the Pre-k group is teaching the curriculum based on each child’s individual learning styles. The curriculum focuses on math, science/technology/engineering, language and literacy, music and movement, history/social science, health and dramatic play. Our educators ensure that the children are able to write their first and last names, focusing on both upper and lower case letters. In addition, they are able to complete simple math equations that are incorporated into project time each week.

Free play in the Pre-k class remains structured as the children are divided into specified centers where they are using their fine and gross motor skills. The writing center is a classroom favorite, as the children are able to explore with safety scissors as well as writing and drawing on the whiteboards.

We promote independence and leadership in the Pre-k classroom, and offer the children different jobs each day to complete on their own. These jobs include line leader, snack helper, book helper and so much more. Through gaining independence the children are able to problem solve with their peers and complete tasks with little assistance.

Countryside Child Care Center has created a fun learning environment for the children where they are able to learn at their own pace while obtaining the one on one interactions they need to succeed at Countryside as well as in their upcoming years.