Toddler / Preschool Program Curriculum

Our toddler/preschool curriculum at Countryside Child Care Center has been created to transition the toddlers around two-two and a half years of age into a more structured academic routine each day. This smaller group of 9 provides the children with the skills that will prepare them for preschool and the years to come. At Countryside Child Care Center our teachers work amongst each other to get to know each child and which learning tools will work best for them.

In the toddler/preschool group, language is strongly encouraged through modeling and reading stories each day. The children will learn problem solving skills and express themselves by using their language skills. Each day the children will gather as a group and gain confidence in calendar, weather, colors, shapes, ABCS, 123’s, singings songs, listening to and sharing stories. In addition, during project time the children will master their fine motor skills when writing, drawing, cutting and gluing.

The children will participate in monitored free play daily in specified areas such as dramatic play, block area, writing center and book area. This allows them time to engage in conversation with and learn from their peers. Playing and learning in a group setting promotes problem solving and enhances social skills.

At Countryside Child Care Center, the toddler/preschool curriculum will allow for each child to grow academically, socially, and emotionally as they prepare for their upcoming years in school!