Located at 381 Front St. in Marion our spacious infant room allows children to move around feely and explore the environment around them.

For our non-mobile infants there are swings, exersaucers and lots of floor play for them to develop their muscles and start working on fine and gross motor skills. Once your child becomes mobile and able to move about freely on their own, there is a foam climbing structure used to aid in their gross motor skills as well as table top toys that the children can start to pull themselves up on to stand. Stacking blocks and cups, as well as learning to self feed and help in developing their fine motor skills.

For all of our students their social interactions between their teachers is an on-going process that helps in their speech and language skills, as well as form attachments and feel safe in their environment.

The teachers in the infant room play music throughout the day to aid the babies in lots of movement. Reading books to them is also an activity the infants truly enjoy. They seem to really like the one on one interactions they receive from listening to stories during quiet times of the day.

We work with infants from one month to twelve months until they begin to transition to the toddler room, the children get introduced to the idea of using crayons to color. They start using finger paints as well to strengthen their hand, finger and arm muscles. They also move from high chair to a toddler seat and table to eat snacks and lunch. All these things prepare them for a smooth transition to the toddler room.