RMS Newsletter – Sept.

September School-Age Classroom News

Look what we’re studying:

Welcome back everyone and happy start to the new school year! This month we will be starting off with fun back to school projects. Introducing ourselves to new friends and learning about each other! Week 2 will be all about apples and Massachusetts! Everything from marble paintings, the state bird, and candle apples! Onto week 3 will be “All about me.” It will give us all a chance to think about ourselves and write down our favorites! In the last week of September, we will be diving into our 5 senses. Matching games, 5 sense handprints and a box game of “what can you feel?” For the children who don’t know me yet, I can’t wait to meet you and look forward to getting to know each of you! For the one’s who do, welcome back and can’t wait for another fun school year!

Upcoming Events:

*Monday, September 2- CLOSED

*Wednesday, September 18, we will be open for the half day!

Special Notes:

*Please…if your child is absent from school, picked up early, or has after school activities and it is your scheduled day at Countryside, it is very important that you let Marissa or Bonnie know. It will avoid lots of panic, confusion, and phone calls.

*If your child is to leave Countryside with a teacher, a note must be written from the parent prior to the scheduled visit. Children cannot be taken out of Countryside without written permission from parent/guardian.

*Remember to return the day’s paper for any days you may need care.

Contact Information:

Marissa- (508)-742-8076 mlake722@gmail.com
Bonnie- (508)-789-3645 bonnie@countrysidechildcare.net

RMS Newsletter-September