RMS Newsletter – Oct

October School-Age Classroom News 

Look what we’re studying:

            I hope everyone is settling into the new school year! We are getting excited for Fall!  In week 1, we will be jumping right into leaf rubbing, 3D apple trees, paper bag Indian corn, and making our very own leaf people!  Week 2 will bring us into Fire Safety.  We will be going over some vocabulary that firemen use as well as writing our own letters to the Fire Station to thank them for all they do.  In our third week, we will be traveling to Spain! Learning our colors, in Spanish of course!  Making our own pinatas is on the list as well as paper fans!  Halloween is so close and since we love it so much, we are going to be crafting for 2 weeks with all different spooky crafts.  From skeletons, ghosts, and spiders, to pumpkin playdough, candy corn, stick puppets and a spooky maze!

Upcoming Events: 

            *Friday, October 11th– we will be open for the full day!

*Monday, October 14th– CLOSED

*Thursday October 24th – we will be open for the half day!

*Friday, October 25th– we will be open for the half day!

Special Notes:

*Please…if your child is absent from school, picked up early, or has after school activities and it is your scheduled day at Countryside, it is very important that you let Marissa know. It will avoid lots of panic, confusion, and phone calls.

*If your child is to leave Countryside with a teacher, a note must be written from the parent prior to the scheduled visit.  Children cannot be taken out of Countryside without written permission from parent/guardian.

*Remember to return the day’s paper for any days you may need care.

Contact Information:

Marissa- (508)-742-8076  mlake722@gmail.com

Bonnie- (508)-789-3645  bonnie@countrysidechildcare.net

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