Infant / Toddler Program Curriculum

Our infant/toddler curriculum at Countryside Child Care Center is based off of the individual needs of our younger toddlers as they transition from an infant based schedule to a more structured schedule of the day typically around 12-15 months of age. Our highly qualified teachers will offer them the tools they need to learn and grow at their own pace. This includes but is not limited to language skills, independence, following simple directions, sharing and most importantly a fun, safe and nurturing environment.

At Countryside Child Care Center we closely follow the children’s individual learning styles. Our educators will teach a very detailed curriculum during project  and story time. Our curriculum will have a hands on approach allowing the children to explore their sensory and fine motor skills with finger painting, gluing, stamping and coloring. In addition, during circle time each day the children gather in a group and learn through singing songs, counting and reviewing colors and shapes. Circle time will provide the children with the confidence to begin to repeat words and form sentences.

The infant/toddler room allows the children to master their gross motor skills as well as they utilize the space in the classroom and the playground to walk, run, climb and dance. The children will be closely monitored during free play and offered different activities to enhance their learning through group or individual play. Music and movement, dramatic play, blocks and Legos are a favorite in this classroom.

Countryside’s Child Care Center’s infant/toddler program is designed to create a smooth transition from infancy to toddlerhood and prepare the children for their futures through learning and playing!