The infant program at Countryside Child Care center is designed to follow each infant’s schedule based on their individual needs. Our infant room allows children to move freely and explore the environment around them. For the non-mobile infants, we provide swings, exersaucers, bouncy seats and play gyms. Lots of floor play allows them to strengthen their muscles and work on their fine and gross motor skills.

The older infants begin to pull themselves up to stand by holding onto the shelves, as well as using the walkers to begin taking steps! In addition, stacking blocks and cups as well as learning to self-feed aid in developing strong fine motor skills. The social interactions between the educators and the infants is an on-going process that sets a good foundation for future speech and language skills. The infants in our program form healthy attachments to their educators and feel safe in their environment.

Music plays throughout the day in the infant room, and stories are read to the babies at various times each day. The children seem to really enjoy quiet one on one time reading stories, playing with toys, and receiving individual attention.

Our infant program at Countryside Child Care Center is a nurturing learning environment where the children are encouraged to explore, interact with other their peers and become accustomed to a routine all while receiving genuine love and care!