15 Cranberry Highway Newsletter- May 2022

Hello to all Countryside Families just a few reminders and fun days below.

  • Please do not forget with the warmer weather approaching to switch winter clothes for spring clothes.
  • Please be sure your child’s clothes, formula/food and diapers are stocked up weekly and labeled.
  • We are asking that all backpacks are to stay at home, as we have a spot for all kid’s belongings here at school and we have limited space in the cubbies.
  • Necklaces, bracelets, watches and rings are not to be worn at school for safety reasons.
  • Please keep all toys at home.
  • Please be sure your child has arrived by 9:30 for the day, unless you have an appointment. The morning structure and routine is important for the kids and our curriculum-based program starts at that time for all classrooms. We are limiting any classroom disruptions.
  • Just a reminder that all topical ointments need a signature; if you have sunscreen, bug spray, chap stick etc. please make sure we know in the front foyer so we can have to fill out the correct paperwork.
  • Thursday, May 5th we will be celebrating Cinco De Mayo with having tacos for lunch!!
  • Thursday, May 5th is also Muffins with Mom so please make sure to clear a few extra minutes in the morning to spend with you child(ren)
  • Pizza day will be on Thursday, May 12th
  • Tuesday, May 17th is Pajama Day!
  • Tuesday, May 26th Please wear the color Orange for the Color of the Month!

The themes for each of the classrooms are Mother’s Day, Mexico, Flowers/Bugs and Rain Forest. For portfolio work in the preschool and pre-k classroom the kids are working on letters x and y, the number 9, the color is orange, the shape is an octagon and the skill is grouping. The nursery rhyme is Row, Row, Row your boat! We will be doing lots of hand/foot print activities as well as projects that consist of gluing, coloring, painting, sensory, math, group discussion, creative writing and engineering.

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to
The number for the center is 774.678.0146

Thank you,
Amanda and Bonnie