15 Cranberry Highway Newsletter – February 2023

  • Please make sure you are keeping backpacks at home unless it is Monday. We do not have enough room in the cubbies for any extra belongings.
  • Please do not forget that if your child gets sent home with soiled clothes you will need to bring in a fresh pair.
  • Please make sure your children are wearing appropriate clothing such as hats, gloves, and jackets as we do go outside daily.
  • Children’s belongings should be labeled.
    • Labeling station in the front foyer.
    • Stuffed Animals are to be left at home or in the front foyer.
  • Please check Kangarootime daily as updates on what your child needs is put into the app.

Special Dates and Closings:

  • On Thursday, February 9th is PIZZA Day!
  • Tuesday, February 7th is our favorite day. Pajama Day!
  • Tuesday, February 14th is Valentine’s Day please wear PINK or your favorite Valentine Shirt!
  • Monday, February 20th we are CLOSED

Valentines are allowed as we are asking for parents to just put their child’s name on the from and we will make Valentine’s goody bags to put them in throughout the week.

Infant- 11 total

Infant/Toddler- 13 total

Toddler/Preschool 1- 13 Total

Toddler/Preschool 2 – 12 Total

Preschool – 29 Total

PreK- 26 Total


The themes of this month’s projects are: France, Valentine’s Day, Nutrition and Dental Health the preschool and pre-k classes will work on portfolio each day and focusing on the number 6, the color pink, letters P, Q, R, the shape is a Heart, and the skills is more/less.


If you have any questions, feel free to reach out!

Center number is 774.678.0146